Mathematics JSS1 Third Term Mid Term Assessment


Complete the following sentences with the best option.

1. The face of a cuboid is __________.     A) square  B)circle      C)rectangle        D)Kite

2. The face of a cube is ______________. A) rectangle       B)trapezium       C)parallel        D)square.

3. The lid of a tin is __________.A) sphere B) Oval      C)rectangle        D)Circle

4. A plane shape with all sides equal is ________A) square        B)triangle   C)circle        D)rectangle.

5. A triangle with equal sides is called __________.A) isosceles    B)scalene        C)equilateral   D)obtuse

6. A triangle having equal base angles is called _______A) isosceles  B)scalene        C)equilateral       D)acute

7. A rectangle has _ lines of symmetry. A)3       B)4   C)6   D)2.

From the options lettered A-D pick the most appropriate answer.

8. Calculate the area of the square of length 5cm.      A)25cm2    B)20cm2    C)20cm        D)25cm

9. Find the area of a parallelogram of base 20mm and height 15mm.   A)300mm2        B)300mm   C)240mm2  D)240mm.

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