Heat Energy I, Temperature and its measurement

Physics SSS2 Second Term

Sub Theme: Conservation Principle


Heat Energy I, Temperature and its measurement

Performance Objectives

Students should be able to;

1. Construct a device for measuring the temperature of a body.

2. Use the variation of a temperature.

  1. Distinguish between heat and temperature and between temperature points and temperature intervals.
  2. Select those liquids which are suitable for use in liquid in glass thermometers from a given list of liquids and their properties.



Temperature is a measure of the degree of hotness or coldness of a body.  It is measured by means of a thermometer.  The S. I. Unit of temperature is the Kelvin.  However, it is also measured in degree Celsius.



The thermometer is the instrument used for measuring temperature.  There are various types of thermometer, e.g. liquid-in-glass.... View More

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