Basic Science JSS2 First Term

Subject Scheme & Timeline:

Please check through the topics down and be sure it conform with the scheme you are using.

Performance Objectives•Habitat •Examples of Habitat.•Adaptations of living things to their habitat
Performance Objectives•Adaptation of plants to an Aquatic Habitat•Adaptation of Animals to Aquatic Habitat•Adaptation of Plants to Terrestrials Habitats•Adaptation of Animals to a Terrestrial Habitat
Performance Objectives•Commensalism•Competition•Mutualism•Predator-Prey•Parasitism
Performance Objectives•Human Beings as Higher Animals •Advantages of Human Beings over other Animals
Performance Objectives•What is growth?•What is development?•Differences between growth and development•Major Indices of Growth Changes in Living Things
Performance Objectives•Growth
Performance Objectives•Handling Pubertal Changes •The Characteristics features of stages of development•Emotional development at puberty
Performance Objectives•Meaning of Body image•Certain factors that influence individuals’ uniqueness
Performance Objectives•Pubertal stage •Effect of Pubertal changes on body image and behaviour•Misconceptions about beauty as presented in the media•Individual uniqueness
The student should be able to:1. Define what habitat is.2. Mention the types of habitat.
The student should be able to:1. Give examples of animals found in terrestrial and aquatic habitat.2. Explain the adaptive feature of living things in their habitat.
Student should be able to:1. Identify characteristics of organisms in the same habitat.2. State the features that are common plants and animals.3. Explain the uniqueness of human beings.
The student should be able to:1. Define growth and developmental changes2. Describe the transition from infancy to adolescent and adulthood as developmental changes3. Describe the increase in height and weight as growth change.
A student should be able to:1. State the developmental changes in infancy2. Identify the characteristic feature of adolescence and adults
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The student should be able to:1. Classify growth and developmental changes into temporary and permanent changes2. State examples of permanent and temporary growth
The student should be able to:1. State the factors affecting growth and developments2. Outline the factors promoting growth and development.
The student should be able to:1. Define physical and chemical changes2. State the characteristics of physical and chemical changes3. Give at least three differences between physical and chemical changes
A student should be able to:1. Define chemicals2. Classify chemicals based on their usage.
The student should be able to: 1. Classify chemicals based on their hazardous nature.2. State safety measures when using chemicals.
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