Data  Processing SSS2 Third Term

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Questions on previous term topic1. Give four examples of a web browser2. Explain internet security3. List four types of file organization4. List four types of internet security5. What are the criteria for choosing a file organization6. What is the full meaning of the following: i.SQL ii.RDBMS iii. DML iv. DDL7. List four standard SQL Command
Definition: A presentation package is a computer software package that is used to display information usually in form of a slide show.Examples of the presentation packageMicrosoft PowerPointMacromedia FlashWindows movie makerOpen Office
A presentation package has certain features such as: Creation of Slides: to create presentations, a group of slides are created. Presentation packages contain slides. Insertion of Pictures: presentation packages allow users to insert pictures and objects into their presentation from external sources. Insertion of Video and Audio: presentation packages allow users to insert video and audio into their presentation from external sources. Animation: This feature makes the presentation package different from other packages. It allows users to create motion effects on their slides. Slide Show: This feature makes users view how the group of slides will be displayed. It displays the content to the audience during the presentation.
Meaning of Web DesignWebsite design means planning, creating and updating websites. Website design also involves information architecture, website structure, user interface, navigation ergonomics, website layout colours, contrasts, fonts and photography as well as icon design.
Component of a Web Design Package1. A Solid Layout: In web design, the foundation is your layout. Laying out a web design involves placing all the content and navigational elements.2. Effective Typography: It is the flow of the words and it is important for a web design’s typography to be easy to read and follow while establishing structure and hierarchy within the content.
Examples of a Web Design PackageExamples are as follows:1. iWeb: iWeb allows users to create websites and blogs and customize them with their own text, photos and movies. iWeb integrates with other services, including Facebook, YouTube, Google Adsense and Google Maps. It allows users to create a website in just a few minutes without the knowledge of programming or HTML. iWeb provides beautiful, Apple-designed templates that you can easily customize so don’t have to worry about design.
Definition of GraphicsComputer Graphics are graphics created using a computer and, more generally, the representation and manipulation of image data by a computer.Examples of Graphics Packages Paint CorelDraw Adobe Photoshop Harvard graphics Print Master Ventura Photoshop Pro Adobe Page Maker
The operational tools are as follows:The ToolboxThe toolbox provides you with operational tools. The basic categories of tools are: Utility Tools Diagramming Objects Interactive Tools Painting Tools
Practical ClassDesigning DrawingsLoading CorelDraw ApplicationTo access the CorelDraw application, take the following steps: Click on the start button Point to all Program Point to CorelDraw Graphic Suite 12 (Depending on the version you are using) Select CorelDraw
General Computer CleaningCleaning MouseStep 1: Disconnect the mouse cable from the back of the computer case.Step 2: Lightly dampen a cleaning cloth with isopropyl alcohol and wipe down the outside of the computer mouse and mouse pad.Step 3: Remove the bottom cover of the mouse. To this, turn it over and note the directional arrows that indicate the direction of rotation, or how to slide it off. Press your fingers in the direction of the arrows and then turn the mouse right side up, letting the cover and mouse ball drop into your hand.

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