Food and Nutrition SSS2 First Term   

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Definition (Invalid and convalescent)An invalid is one who is sick and suffering from gastric or intestinal disorders. While a convalescent is one who is recovering from an illness.
Definition of kitchenThe kitchen can be defined as a working room. The kitchen can also be defined as a place where food is stored and prepared for meals.
Definition Kitchen equipment can be defined as materials which are used for the preparation, cooking serving and preservation of foods.
Small equipmentThese are equipment which is not fixed, they do not occupy space and are moved around during usage.Care:The general process of cleaning small pieces of equipment and utensils includes scraping, soaking, washing and drying and storing properly on shelves.
PRACTICAL (care of refrigerator and cookery utensils)
Definition of flourFlour can be defined as the powder derived from the milling of dried foods e.g. when dried yam is milled the powder is referred to as yam flour when dried rice is milled the powder derived is called rice flour when dried beans are milled the powder derived is called bean flour and so-on.
Definition of Raising Agents.Raising agents are substances that produce gas in flour mixtures which will make mixtures (e.g. cakes, bread, batters, pastries) rise and have a light pleasant texture.
DefinitionFlavourings are substances added to food to improve their flavours aroma, texture and in some cases taste.
Practical in colouring and flavouring

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