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WEEK 1TOPIC: Meaning of HistoryThe word history is from the Greek word historian which means to inquire into or knowledge acquired by investigation. History can mean an enquiry or research into past events. Therefore, to a layman, History means the study of past events.According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, "History is a branch of knowledge that records and explains the past".
WEEK 2TOPIC: DIFFERENCES BETWEEN HISTORY AND STORYTELLING / REASONS FOR STUDYING HISTORYThe following are some of the differences between History and storytelling:1. History deals with the study of true accounts of the past but storytelling is a narrative of imagined or real events and people.2. History could be a field of study but storytelling is non-academic and could be a way of creating entertaining people.
WEEK 3 & 4TOPIC: SOURCES OF HISTORY (Primary Sources)Sources of history imply the means or ways through which past events are known or discovered.There are three major sources. These are:1. Primary sources2. Secondary sources3. Tertiary sourcesIn this chapter, we shall focus on primary sources.
WEEK 5 & 6TOPIC: SECONDARY SOURCES OF HISTORYMeaning of Secondary Sources of HistorySecondary sources of history can be defined as all accounts of history that do not come directly from original or primary sources.A secondary source can be defined as a document which explains and discusses original information.
WEEK 7 & 8TOPIC: Tertiary Sources of HistoryMeaning of Tertiary Sources of HistoryTertiary sources of history can be defined as sources that help in organizing, compiling or understanding primary and secondary sources. They help in repackaging ideas and information from other sources. Tertiary sources of history include students' projects, bulletin dictionaries, encyclopedias, almanacks, Wikipedia, bibliographies directories, guidebooks, manuals, handbooks, indexes, abstracts etc.
WEEK 9 & 10TOPIC: HOW TO ACCESS SOURCES OF HISTORYExcursions: Excursions are deliberate Visits to a place of importance for knowledge. Through excursion, students of History have the opportunity to see for themselves directly what they have been taught in class, read in books, watched on television, internet or told as stories by elders etc.

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