Concepts of Servicom

Civic Education JSS 3 First Term


Concepts of Servicom

Performance Objectives

Student should be able to:

1. Explain the meaning of servicom as one of the programmes aimed at promoting the right attitude to work

2. State the aim of Servicom

3. Mention the importance of Servicom


1. Meaning of Servicom

2. Aims of Servicom

3. Importance of Servicom


Meaning of Servicom

SERVICOM is an acronym derived from the words SERVICE COMPACT.  Compact is a formal agreement between two or more people.  In this case SERVICOM is a Service Compact (Agreement) between the Federal Government including all its organs and the Nigerian people

Aims of Servicom

The Objectives of SERVICOM are:

To learn the principles, ideals and tenets of Service Delivery in Government Establishments.

To develop a mechanism for collating all.... View More

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