The Constitution IV

Civic Education JSS 3 First Term


The Constitution IV

Performance Objectives

Student should be able to:

1. Identify constitutions promulgated after Nigeria become Independent

2. Discuss elements of two of the identified Independent Nigeria Constitution


1. Post-1960 Constitution

(a) 1963 Constitution (Republican constitution)

(b) 1979 Presidential constitution

(c) 1989 Presidential constitution

(d) 1999 Presidential constitution

2. Features of post-1960 constitution

Post-Independence Constitution of 1960

The 1958 conference Lagos constitutional conference held from 29th September to October 27 1958 gave birth to the independence day October 1st 1960 and also the 1960 constitution.

Advantages of Independence Constitution

1. The constitution ushered in independence

2. The regional and central governments had bi-cameral legislature.

3. The constitution established a fundamental human right.

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