Giant Molecules 3

CHEMISTRY  SSS3 First term


Giant Molecules 3

Performance objectives

Students should be able to:

  1. Explain at least two tests for starch.
  2. Give at least three uses of starch.
  3. Explain what protein is, its source structure, and properties.
  4. Explain at least two tests for protein.
  5. Give at least two uses of protein.


Test for starch (Iodine test)

Plants store glucose as the polysaccharide starch; the cereal grains (wheat, rice,     corn, oats, and barley), as well as tubers such as potatoes, are also rich in starch. Starch can be separated into two fractions--amylose and amylopectin. Natural starches are mixtures of amylose (10-20%) and amylopectin (80-90%).

Amylose in starch is responsible for the formation of a deep blue color.... View More

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