Call to service II

Christian Religious Studies J.S.S1 Second Term

Sub-theme: Call to obedience

Week 6                                         

Call to service II

Performance objectives:

Students should be able to:

  1. Mention those who served in the bible.


Example of people who served in the bible, Joseph served in Egypt Gen.37:12-36, 41:37-57.

Pharaoh made Joseph the prime minister in charge of the storehouse. The seven years of famine also affected the neighbouring towns, villages and countries. Joseph’s family was also affected, his brothers came to Egypt then Joseph recognized them but they didn’t recognize him, they were given food.

The famine was so serious that people exchanged their animals with grains and some wished to sell themselves for food. Joseph tested his brothers twice, after which he revealed himself to them; he later brought his family members to Egypt.... View More

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