Call to service VI

Christian Religious Studies J.S.S1 Second Term

Sub-theme: Call to obedience

Week 10                                       

Call to service VI

Performance objectives:

Students should be able to:

  1. State problems and blessings of service.


Problems of service and blessing of service

A. Problems of service

1. Seduction: we can see Potiphar’s wife was an example of seduction in Gen.39:7 where she tried to seduce Joseph to lay with her.

2. Sexual immorality: This can be seen in Gen.19:30-38, where Lot’s children were committing the sin of immorality that made God angry.

3. Murder: In Gen.4:2-8 Cain killed Abel his brother because he was jealous and envious of him.

4. Suffering: Jesus, Paul and other disciples.... View More

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