Suffrage /Franchise

Government SSS 1 Third Term


Suffrage /Franchise

Performance Objectives

Student should be able to know:

 i. Meaning of suffrage /franchise.

 ii. Development of suffrage /franchise.

 iii. Types of suffrage /franchise.

iv. Purpose of suffrage /franchise

Meaning of Suffrage

The term suffrage in a simple way, is the right or chance to vote, express an opinion or participate in a decision.

Historical Development of Suffrage

The word suffrage comes from Latin suffraghim which initially meant "a voting -tablet", "a ballot", "a vote", or "the right to vote ". In November 1775, the New Hampshire Provincial Congress, which took over after the collapse of British control, granted the right to vote to "every male inhabitant of twenty-one years and upwards paying for himself a poll tax". This was the first future state to end freehold qualifications for voting.

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