Aquatic Habitat

Biology SSS 1 Third Term


Aquatic Habitat

Performance Objectives

Student should be able to:

  1. Define and list the types of aquatic habitats
  2. Gives the characteristics of aquatic habitats
  3. Explain the food chain and food web in aquatic habitats


Aquatic habitats are habitats or places that relates to lives in water. Aquatic habitat is a body of water in which certain organisms live naturally. Organisms that live in water are called aquatic organisms. Examples of aquatic organisms are fish, crabs, toads, plants etc.

Types of Aquatic Habitat

There are three types of aquatic habitats. These are marine or saltwater habitats, estuarine or brackish water habitats and freshwater habitats

A. Marine Habitats

Marine habitats refer to aquatic habitats which contain saltwater. Marine habitats include the oceans, lakes, shores.... View More

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