Terrestrial Habitat

Biology SSS 1 Third Term


Terrestrial Habitat

Performance Objectives

Student should be able to:

  1. Define and list the types of terrestrial habitats
  2. Gives the characteristics of terrestrial habitats
  3. Explain the food chain and food web in terrestrial habitats


Terrestrial habitats refer to life on land. The nature of soil, rainfall and temperature are the major factors affecting the nature of terrestrial habitats.

Types of Terrestrial Habitat

The terrestrial habitat is divided into four groups. These are Marsh, Rain forest, Savanna or Grassland and Arid land.


A. Marsh Habitats

Marsh habitat is defined as a lowland habitat which is usually flooded or water-logged all the time. Naturally, grasses and shrubs grow in the marsh but when trees grow there,.... View More

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