Husbandry of fibre crops.

Agricultural science SSS1 Second Term.


Husbandry of fibre crops.

Performance objectives.

Students should be able to;

  1. State major husbandry practices of fibre crops.


COTTON (Gossypium spp)

Cotton is a fibre crop and belongs to the plants family called Malvaceae.It produces cotton lint a white fibre used in textile industries.

Land preparation:

The land is cleared with cutlass or mechanically ploughed and harrowed to make it soft for the planting of cotton seeds.

Varieties of cultivars:

Gossypium hirsitum, Gosspium vitifolium, Ishan type, samaru, Gosspium peruvianum (meko cotton).

Climatic and soil requirements:

Cotton requires a temperature of 25 degrees Celsius to 35 degrees Celsius, rainfall of 65 cm -125 cm per annum, abundant sunlight and a very rich deep, loamy or clay-loamy soil.

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