Energy Quantization 2

Physics SSS3 First Term


Energy Quantization

Performance Objectives

Students should be able to;

  1. Explain the concept of energy quantization.
  2. Describe x-ray production and state its characteristic properties and uses

Conduction of Electricity in gases

Electrons: When a high tension discharge passes between electrodes sealed into a partially evacuated vessel, the gas becomes luminous showing a series of highly colored glows which are often very beautiful.  If the pressure is sufficiently reduced, a series of streams appears, proceeding in straight lines from the cathode.  These streams are known as “cathode rays,” and are found to be independent of the position of the anode, and often penetrate regions occupied by other glows in the tube.    The researches of modern physics have shown that these rays are streams of discreet particles of negative electricity,.... View More

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