Biology SSS2 Second Term

Subject Scheme & Timeline:

Please check through the topics down and be sure it conform with the scheme you are using.

Students should be able to;1. Describe how carbon cycle circulate in nature and draw the carbon cycles in details2. State why the carbon cycle is necessary for life3. Recognize the delicate balance in carbon and oxygen4. Describe the part played by animals in the water cycle5. Draw the diagram of the water cycle.
Students should be able to;1. Describe with a diagram the role of Nitrogen 2. State the importance of Nitrogen 3. Describe the process of the Nitrogen cycle4. State that energy can be obtained by decomposing organic substances 5. Identify one of the gases produced during the decay process
Students should be able to;1. Recognize some of the associations existing between different parasites2. Identify beneficial harm and neutral forms of association among organism3. Deduce the mode of life of a given organism from observed characters.
1. Discuss why living things possess a range of tolerance to the environmental factors2. List the biotic factors that impose tolerance on organism 3. Depict tolerance range with graphs 4. Explain ecological niche
Students should be able to;1. State that adaptation may be a modification in response to environmental factors. 2. Describe the availability of water as the principal factors for plants and animal distribution 3. List examples of adaptation to environmental factors.
Biology SSS2 Second ...
Students should be able to;1. Define pollution 2. Name air pollutant and their sources 3. Enumerate the harmful effects of pollutants4. State effect of detergent, insecticides, artificial fertilizers and herbicides on aquatic and terrestrial organisms.
Students should be able to;1. Identify poor sewage system as a source of pollution 2. Name domestic and industrial waste that pollute land and water3. Identify the decay of organic matter (e.g dead animals and plants) as a source of pollution.
Students should be able to;1. Define conservation 2. Enumerate reasons to protect lands and wildlife from destruction and extinction. 3. State reasons why conservation laws should be obeyed4. List resources that could be conserved.
Students should be able to;1. Discuss the problems associated with conservations 2. State the need to conserve natural gas and petroleum3. State methods of conservations of a given natural resource. 4. List two agencies responsible for the conservation of natural resources.
Biology SSS2 Second ...

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