Food and Nutrition SSS3 Second Term

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DefinitionBeverages are fluids consumed as stimulants. Examples of beverages are coffee, Tea, Cocoa drinks, wine, spirits and beer of different types.
COCOA DRINKSCocoa beans are seeds obtained from the cocoa tree. When ripe the beans are fermented and dried.
PRACTICAL ON BEVERAGESCONTENTWith the use of recipes in weeks 1 and 2. Practicals are done in week 3
PROJECT: Using a staple food in your locality form a recipe.
Test interpretation (also called planning) is the art of preparing or arranging for cookery practicals. It is also called planning. For example: Before building a house, one has to first of all set a plan.
TOTAL QUANTITIES OF ALL INGREDIENTSIn this section, all required ingredients and their quantities are written down. This in principle is the shopping list you will use for purchasing food requirements for the practical.
DEFINITIONThe word ‘rechauffe’ means reheated and it is applied to cooked food left from a previous meal. Since left-over foods had been cooked initially, further heating can destroy the nutrients and therefore impair the nutritive quality of the food. For example, the protein in the food may be hardened by further heating, thereby toughening the fibres and hardening the proteins, hence reducing their digestibility.

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