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JSS 2 SECOND TERM E-NOTEWEEK 1TOPIC: The Location of Ile-Ife on the Map of NigeriaObjectives:-At the end of this chapter, students should be able to:1. identify the location of Ile-Ife on the map of Nigeria;2. explain the Ife culture; and
WEEK 2TOPIC: The Ife Culture and TraditionThe Place of Ife in Yoruba HistoryIle-Ife is the name of an ancient Yoruba town. More importantly, Ile-Ife is regarded as the origin of the Yoruba people and the cradle of their civilisation. For the Yoruba, Ife is presumed the spiritual epicentre of the Yoruba people; a place where the gods descended to earth.
WEEK 3TOPIC: The Ife Culture and TraditionIfe Figures/ArtifactsThe artistic representation of Ife art as manifested in its glass beads, terracotta and bronze heads artefacts makes for a major centre of an advanced civilisation that flourished in the past. Apart from this, there were also objects such as stools and figures carved on hard stone.
WEEK 4TOPIC: The Ife Culture and TraditionThe Ife PeopleThe people of Ife are Yoruba and are believed to be the descendants of Oduduwa. The Ife people are the earliest known Yoruba in the world from where the other Yoruba sub-groups migrated. Ife people are ancient, originally spiritual, and highly advanced artists and agriculturalists.
WEEK 5TOPIC: Significance of Ife Culture in Nigerian HistoryThe nature of Ife art lays credence to the fact that they have an affinity with those from the Nok culture area. There are similarities, especially in the beaded neck, wrist and ankles with the artistic works in the Nok culture area. It shows that there was a relationship between these groups of people at a point in history.
WEEK 6TOPIC: The Location of Benin on the Map of NigeriaObjectivesAt the end of this chapter, students should be able to:1. identify the location of Benin on the map of Nigeria;2. explain the Benin culture; and
WEEK 7TOPIC: The Benin (Edo) Culture and History (Artefacts)One of the greatest empires that flourished in pre-colonial West Africa was the Benin Empire. Her greatness could be measured by the very large number of groups that she influenced politically and socially. At the peak of her achievement in the 17th century, the empire was far-flung, getting to the present Lagos State, Owo, Akure and Ondo in western Nigeria and her influence radiating to as far as Onitsha in the far east. To the north, the empire's influence reached the Kukuruku. Its sheer size is a testimony to the might of her warriors and the administrative acumen of her leaders.
WEEK 8 &9TOPIC: The Benin (Edo) Culture and History (Benin People)The Benin (Edo) people are located in the rainforest. They are found in the southern part of the country. They speak the Edo language. Edo-speaking people include the Ishan, the Etsako, the Ivbiosakon, the Akoko Edo and the Ineme.
WEEK 10TOPIC: Significance of Benin (Edo) Culture in Nigerian1. The artwork of Benin reflects the rich history, culture and tradition of the Benin people. These were projected in the carvings of their heroes, ancestral gods and festivals. Benin bronzes were produced for the kings.

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