Physics SSS2 Third Term

Subject Scheme & Timeline:

Please check through the topics down and be sure it conform with the scheme you are using.

Students should be able to;1. Generate Mechanical waves.2. State the important characteristics of waves.3. Produce circular and plane waves using a ripple tank4. Generate and demonstrate longitudinal and transverse waves using suitable materials.
Students should be able to;1. Classify waves into longitudinal and transverse waves by using mode of vibrations 2. Write down and explain the terms in the wave equation.
Students should be able to;1. Produce plane and circular waves using ripple tank. 2. Demonstrate the reflection of sound.3. Demonstrate stationary waves.4. Demonstrate reflection of heat radiation.
Students should be able to;1. List some light sources they come across in everyday life. 2. Determine the angle of reflection for a given angle of incidence.3. Draw ray diagram to show the formation of images by plane and curve mirrors.4. Explain some practical applications of plane and curved mirrors
Students should be able to;1. Measure angels of incidence and refraction and hence deduce a value for the refractive index of a given material. 2. Explain the meaning of critical angle and total internal reflection stating the conditions under which they occur.3. Establish the relationship between critical angle and refractive index and apply it to the solution of simple problems4. Trace light rays through a triangular prism and obtain graphically the value of the angle of minimum deviation.
Physic SSS2 Third Te...
Students should be able to;1. Identify the vibrating sources when sound is produced. 2. Distinguish between noise and music intensity and loudness pitch and frequency as applied to sound.3. Explain forced vibration and explain how it is used to amplify a sound4. Use the relationship V = F˄ in solving numerical problems.5. Explain the formation of standing waves and produce these waves in stretching strings
Students should be able to;1. Explain the role played by some parts of the eye in the formation of image on the retina. 2. Compare and contrast the eye and the camera.3. State the defects of the eye and their causes.4. Identify the type of lenses for correcting the various defects of the eye.
Students should be able to;1. Classify musical instruments into wind instruments, string instruments and percussion instruments. 2. Explain the physical principles involved in the use of wind, string and percussion instruments.3. Use the reflection of sound to explain echoes.4. Give an application of echoes.
Students should be able to;1. State the fundamental assumptions the molecular theory. 2. Use the molecular model to explain pressure in a gas, cohesion and adhesion and diffusion
Students should be able to;1. Explain the optical principles involved in the snapshot camera, enlarging camera and copying camera2. Set up a single lens projector and use it to project a film strip on a screen.3. Explain the formation of images by the camera and the projector by tracing rays of light through them.4. Trace the paths of light rays through simple compound microscopes and telescopes
Physic SSS2 Third Te...

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