Acid - base reactions 2

CHEMISTRY          S.S.S.2   First term


Acid - base reactions 2

Performance objectives

Students should be able to:

  1. Identify acid-base titrations and their indicators.
  2. Solve calculations on acid-base titration.


Titration of an acid with a base

Titration is a process in which a measured volume of a reaction is added to a reaction mixture until some observable property has changed.

Titration is a procedure in which a solution called the titrant whose concentration is known very accurately is dispensed by a burette and reacted with a known volume of another solution unknown concentration called the analyte. By measuring the amount of titrant needed to neutralize the analyte, you can determine the concentration of the analyte very accurately. The endpoint on a titration is the point at which the titration is complete, typically when an added.... View More

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