Ionic Theory 1

CHEMISTRY  SSS2 Third term


Ionic Theory 1

Performance objectives

Students should be able to:

  1. State the difference between electrovalent and covalent compounds.
  2. Distinguish between strong electrolytes and weak electrolytes.
  3. Investigate the movement of ions in solution.


Introduction to Ionic theory

The theory proposed that when an electrolyte is melted or dissolved in water, some if not all of the molecules of the substance dissociate into freely-moving charge ions i.e. positive ions (called cations) and negative ions (anions).

 Difference between Electrovalent and Covalent compounds

.     Electrovalent compounds are formed by the complete transfer of electrons, while covalent compounds are formed by the sharing of electrons between 2 atoms.

.         Electrovalent compounds have.... View More

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