Recreation, leisure and dance activities II

Physical and health education J.S.S 2 Second Term

Week 8

Recreation, leisure and dance activities II

Performance objectives:

Students should be able to:

1. Practice the various dance


1. Atilogwu dance: This is a traditionally spirited dance from the Igbo ethnic group (south-east) that focuses on vigorous body movements. The tempo of the dance matches the tempo of the music which is dependent on the beat of the drum. The dancers wear brightly coloured costumes.


Atilogwu dance

2. Bata dance: This is prominent in south-west Nigeria (Yoruba). The bata dance is athletic and acrobatic. The bata dance originated from a ritual dance for sango or Yoruba god of thunder. There are three different sizes of bata drum which make up the collective instrument for the bata dance.



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