Personal school and community health II

Physical and health education J.S.S 2 Third Term

Week 6

Personal school and community health II

Performance objectives:

Students should be able to:

1. Mention the effects of environmental pollution

2. Propose preventive measures against environmental pollution

3. Explain the FRESH approach to a school health programme.


Effects of pollution on the environment and personal health.

A. On Water   

1. Diseases: Pollutant water is unsafe for drinking and cooking because it can cause water-borne diseases like skin rash, typhoid etc.

2. Death of aquatic animals: Animals living in polluted water die as a result of poisoning or shortage of oxygen to respire.

3. Loss of source of income: The pollutants in the body of the water are poisonous and therefore kill every aquatic animal that inhabits the water. This brings.... View More

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