Track and field II

Physical and health education J.S.S 2 Third Term

Week 8

Track and field II

Performance objectives:

Students should be able to:

1. Perform the pole vault skills


Perform the pole vault skills

1. Grip: Hands are not allowed to grip the very top of the pole (their hand perpendicular to the pole) for safety reasons

2. Run-up: The run-up to the vaulting pits begins forcefully with the vaulter running powerfully in a relaxed, upright position with knees lifted and torso leaning very slightly forward.

3. Pole carrying:  The pole vaulter run-up carrying a long flexible pole which helps the vaulter crosses over the bar. The vaulter uses the pole as a lever for the uplift of the body.

4. Take off: The take-off is the most important phase.... View More

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