Recreation, leisure and dance activities III

Physical and health education J.S.S 2 Third Term

Week 3

Recreation, leisure and dance activities III

Performance objectives:

Students should be able to:

1. Explain dramatic and creative rhythms and the difference between them


Explanation and demonstration of dramatic and creative rhythms for example gymnastics and aerobics

Rhythmic movements are movements of parts of the body, e.g. legs, hands, head etc. or the whole body from one position to another.

This movement involves a regular repeated pattern of beats, sounds activity. Rhythmic movements can be classified into 3 which are fundamental rhythmic activities, dramatic rhythmic activities, and creative rhythmic activities.

Dramatic rhythmic activities are a form of rhythmic activities which involves sudden and exiting sounds carried out in sequential movements. This rhythmic activity includes reciting a poem, reacting creatively to music or sounds in telling a story, singing a song, showing appropriate.... View More

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