Computer ethics 3

Computer Science JSS1 Second Term


Computer ethics 3

Performance Objectives

    1. State the rules and regulations of a computer laboratory.

    2. Observe computer room rules and regulations.


Rules and Regulations of the Computer Laboratory 

The following are the rules and regulations of the computer laboratory: 

1. Computer room should be kept tidy always by regular cleaning.

2. Do not remove or load any software into the computer.

3. The security should be very tight to prevent stealing of the equipment. 

4. Eating: Eating in whatever form should be discouraged. 

5. No user should attempt to repair any faulty system but the attention of a qualified engineer should be called in the event of any faulty equipment.

6.  All electrical appliances should be switched off at the end of each day’s activity.

7.  Noise: All.... View More

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