Computer ethics 4

Computer Science JSS1 Second Term


Computer ethics 4

Performance Objectives

    1. Identify ways of taking good care of a computer room/laboratory.


How to take care of your computer 

1. Always make sure that the computer is kept in a well-ventilated area.

2. Place the computer on a desk, not in a closed cabinet.

3. There should be appropriate lighting in the computer room to keep the room well lit up. 

4. The arrangement of the computer system should be done in a way that the user would not need to strain their neck, back or eyes. 

5. Cables should not be left to litter the ground so as to avoid accident.

6. Wipe desk or table tops, component casings and other exposed surface with a soft cloth or any recommended cleaning product intended for computer use.

7. Do not eat or drink.... View More

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