Data processing II

Computer Science JSS1 Second Term


Data processing II

Performance Objectives

The student should be able to

     1. State the stages of data processing.

     2. Describe what each stage entails.


Data Processing Cycle 

Data processing cycle includes:

1. Data gathering: At this stage, data is gathered through various ways such as asking questions, observations, reading books, listening and watching electronic media (radio and television). For example, giving a prospective customer a form to fill before opening a bank account is a form of data gathering.

2. Data collection: This involves writing out, sorting, summarizing or classifying data into groups, structures or files. Data is sorted in a way that will make data processing easy. Data collection is a term used to describe a process of preparing and collecting data. The purpose of data collection is to obtain information to keep on record, to make decisions about important.... View More

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