Data processing V

Computer Science JSS1 Second Term


Data processing V

Performance Objectives

    1. Identify computer tools.

    2. Learn how to use tools for processing data.


Tools for processing data

1. Database : A database is a basic tool used to process information and to manage and store data efficiently. A database can also make the retrieval of data easier. It is a structured collection of gathered data. A good database not only gathers data efficiently; it retrieves information quickly. A database management system is software popularly used to store product inventory and customer information. Keeping information in databases makes coordination with multiple users efficient. Here lies its popularity with e-commerce sites. The flexibility of DBMS makes data searching, sorting and updating inventories and product descriptions more efficient. There are many types of databases. The most common types are the flat model, the hierarchical, the network and the relational.

2. Sever: Servers are computer systems.... View More

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