Data processing III

Computer Science JSS1 Second Term


Data processing III

Performance Objectives

     1. Identify the importance of a computer as a tool for data processing.

     2. Describe the traditional manual method.


The Importance of the Computer as a Tool for Data Processing

The computer is a very unique electronic device and has certain features and characteristics that distinguish it from other machines. These include: 

1. Speed: Computers are very fast. They can perform tens of millions of operations per second. This is necessary for predicting weather forecasts, performing scientific research and even producing thousands of bills for utility companies. 

2. Accuracy: Computers are very accurate. Errors only occur if there is an error in hardware, software or data. When errors occur it is usually because of some human error, since computers can only do what they are programmed to do. 

3. Storing large amounts of information in.... View More

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