HIV/AIDS continued II

Week 7

HIV/AIDS continued II

Performance objectives

The student should be able to:

  1. Prevention and control measures of HIV and AIDS
  2. Stigmatization associated with HIV and AIDS


The spread of HIV/AIDS can be prevented through the following ways:

1. Abstinence from illicit sex

2. Faithfulness to partners.

3. Injections needles should be used once and disposed of

4. Blood should be tested thoroughly before transfusion.

5. People should avoid sharing sharp objects like clippers, razor blade etc.

HIV Stigmatization

HIV stigmatization is the discrimination and negative attitudes of people in the society towards people living with HIV/AIDS.

Victims of HIV/AIDS are stigmatized in various ways. This includes:

1.Rejection by family and friends.

2. They are avoided.... View More

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