Care Of The Body Parts


Care Of The Body Parts

Care Of The Hair

If your hair is clean, lice will not be able to live on your head. Disease germs will not be able to survive on your head too. You will not have ringworm. Boys must wash their hair every day. You should use soap to wash your hair at least twice a week. You should comb and brush your hair properly after washing.

Girls who plait their hair must wash their hair every week and plait it again. You must always use a clean comb or brush when painting your hair. Dirty comb and brush may carry some disease germs. You may apply some hair cream to your hair to give it a good appearance. Girls should not plait their hair too tight. If you do, some of your hair will fall out. You will also have pains and headaches. You must not tie other fibre (attachment) to your hair to make it longer. The fibre may contain.... View More

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