Pre-colonial administration


Government S.S.S  2 Second Term


Pre-colonial Administration 2

Performance Objectives

Student should be able to:

1. Describe the system

2. Discuss the structure of government in Igbos

3. Explain the role of components of the system

4. Comparison of the different pre-colonial administration in Nigeria


1. System of government in pre-colonial days ( Igbo)

2. Structure of pre-colonial governments.

3. Roles of the respective components of their structure.

4. Comparison of different pre-colonial administration in Nigeria

The Igbo Political System

This may be seen as a fragmented political system. Many institutions were in place and political authority was shared among them. For example, the Ofo titleholders (Council of Elders), Ozo titleholders and Age grades were all involved in the power-sharing exercise. There was an absence of centralisation of power and authority in Igbo political system as it.... View More

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