Centralization and Decentralization

Government SSS 1 Second Term


Centralization and Decentralization

Performance Objectives

Student should be able to explain:

 i. Meaning of centralize and decentralize.

ii. Differences between centralize and decentralize


This is defined as the process by which political power is allocated in a single central decision-making body. The highest degree of centralization is achieved where all powers of government are vested in a central authority or a unitary state, Britain, France, etc. are centralised states.

Reasons for the adoption of Centralization.

1. Homogenous state: This system is best practised where there are no sharp differences in religion, language and beliefs, etc.

2. Small country: Centralization is easy to practise where the government has representatives from every ethnic group in the society.

3. No constitution division of power: There is no constitutional division of power between the central government and other component units.

4. Delegation of functions.:.... View More

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