Theory of Delegated Legislature

Government SSS 1 Second Term


Theory of Delegated Legislature

Performance Objectives

Student should be able to:

       i. Explain Meaning of delegated legislature.

      ii. State forms of delegated legislation.

      iii. List control of delegated legislatures.

      iv. Explain the Advantages and Disadvantages of delegated legislature

Delegated Legislature

This is defined as the act of transferring powers and functions through the Acts of parliament to the organisations such as ministers, local government, public Corporation like PHCN, Port authorities, Water Board etc. Laws made by these bodies are referred to as bye-law.

Forms of Delegated Legislature

1. Bye-law: These are laws made by local governments, public Corporation, ministers and these powers are conferred on them(or given to them) through the Acts of parliament.

2. Orders in Council: These orders or proclamations are for the Queen or King to give orders on some matters with the backing of.... View More

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