Meaning of Constitutionalism

Government SSS 1 Second Term


Meaning of Constitutionalism

Performance Objectives

Student should be able to explain:


  1. Meaning of constitutionalism.
  2. importance of constitutionalism.

iii. The relationship between constitution and constitutionalism


Constitutionalism is "a compound of ideas, attitudes, and patterns of behaviour elaborating the principle that the authority of government derives from and is limited by a body of fundamental law.

Importance of Constitutionalism

1. Constitutionalism proclaims the desirability of the rule of law

2.  Constitutionalism serves to define what it is that "grants and guides the legitimate exercise of government authority".

 3. Constitutionalism describes and prescribes both the source and the limits of government power derived from fundamental law.

 4. Separation of power

5. Sovereignty of the people.... View More

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