Position, Distance and Displacement

Physics SS1 First Term

Week 2

Position, Distance and Displacement

Performance Objectives

Students should be able to:
1. Determine the measurement of distance 
2. Determine the concept of direction, position and Position coordinate

The position of a point in space is determined by its distance and direction from other points. The statement of position is accomplished by means of a frame of reference or point of reference, which we shall call the origin.

This is the movement coverage of a body with no emphasis on direction; it is a change in the position of an object with no definite direction.

This is defined as the distance travelled in a specified direction. It is a change in the position of an object which requires distance and direction to specify it.
To further distinguish between distance and displacement, a person strolling 500m to the east and then turning around and walking back (west), a distance of 300 m, the total distance travelled is 800 m but the displacement is only 200 m since he.... View More

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