Scalars and Vectors

Physics SS1 First Term
Scalars and Vectors
Performance Objectives
Students should be able to:
1. Explain the concept of Scalar and Vector
2. Distinguish between Scalar and Vector
3. Show the Vector representation 

Concept of Scalar and vector quantities
A scalar is a measure of something that has only a magnitude to define it. A 10 meter length of cable is sufficient to define the length, whether we move it 2 meters to the left or 5 meters to the right. Also, 30 seconds is a scalar, and so are 25 degrees Celsius, and 30 liters. The magnitudes of these quantities are all that are needed to define them. Maybe to better understand that, we need to consider vectors as well.
Vectors are quantities that are defined by their magnitude and their direction. This is the CRITICAL point to differentiate the two. Velocity is defined by the magnitude, but also requires the direction. If you are moving 10 m/s, you are moving 10 m/s in some direction. This direction is required to fully define your velocity. The.... View More

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