Speed and Velocity

Physics SS1 First Term
Speed and Velocity
Students should be able to:
1. Examine the concept of Speed and velocity
2. Determine uniform/non-uniform speed
3. Explain the Distance –time graph 

This is the rate at which a body covers a distance.
Speed = distance/ time, 
this is an average speed (v) over the distance (s), v = s/t, the SI unit (Standard International unit) of distance is meter, while for time is second, therefore, for speed is meter per second (ms-1), we could have units in centimeters per second and kilometer per hour.

When a body covers equal distances in equal time intervals, no matter how small the time interval may be, the speed is said to be a uniform speed or constant speed.

Again, the word velocity and speed are often used interchangeably by most people, it will be fair to do justice to this lingering misconception, while studying motion it is necessary to draw a clear distinction between the two, in speed.... View More

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