Rectilinear Acceleration

Physics SS1 First Term
Rectilinear Acceleration
Performance Objectives
Students should be able to:
1. Explain the concept of Acceleration
2. Determine the uniform/non-uniform acceleration
3. Analyse the rectilinear motion with it equation

Acceleration is defined as the rate of change of velocity with time. Its unit is metre per second, (ms-2). Whenever the velocity of a moving body is changing, the body is said to be accelerating.
Acceleration (a) = velocity change/time taken for change
When the velocity increases with time, the rate of change of velocity with time is termed acceleration but when the velocity decreases with time, it is called retardation. Retardation is negative acceleration.
Acceleration (a) = final velocity-initial velocity/time
a = v-u/t or v = u +a…………1                                                                                                       
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