Simple Harmonic Motion II (SHM)

Physics SSS2 First Term

Sub Theme: Interaction of matter, space and time


Simple Harmonic Motion II (SHM)

Performance Objectives

Students should be able to;

1. Calculate the energy in the system

2. Explain forced vibration and resonance.

Forced Vibration and Resonance


A system performing SHM gradually loses its energy due to friction within its parts and air resistance. The amplitude of such a motion gradually becomes smaller and smaller with time until it decreases eventually to zero. Such a motion is said to be damped. Without damping the motion is said to be free and the amplitude remains constant with time.

In order to maintain the free oscillation of a vibrating body for a long time, an external periodic force will be found necessary to cause the body to continue its free oscillatory motion inspite of the damping. The oscillations of the body is.... View More

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