Mathematics JSS1 Second Term Final Assessment


Find the missing numbers that make up the box and select the suitable option.

1. 7+ <-----> =20. A)14      B)12  C)13 D)10.

2. 12=17- <------>    A)6   B)5  C)4   D)19.

 3. <----->÷6=8.  A)14  B)48 C)2   D)24.

4. 108÷<----->  =12. A)7   B)9  C)6   D)10.

5. (3x2)+3= <------->  A)8   B)7   C)9  D)15

Find the value of each letter and select a suitable answer.

6. a+a=10.    A)5  B)2   C)3   D)6.

 7. 27=x+x+x. A)3  B)9  C)4   D)5.

8. 40-x=x.     A)21  B)10  C)18  D)20.

9. 8=10-x.     A)3   B)1   C)2  D) 0.

10. 16-y=y. A)8      B)4   C)12  D)3.

Solve the following questions and select the most suitable answer.

11. Two trucks carried some bags of cement. One truck carried three times as many bags of cement.... View More

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