Mathematics JSS1 Second Term Mid Term Assessment


From the options below pick the correct answer.

Instruction: State the metric Units of length you would use to measure the following.

1. Length of your classroom    A)m B)l    C) Tonne   D)km.

2. Length of your fingernails   A)km B)mm      C)cl   D)ml.

3. Your waist A)cm        B)ml  C)cl   D)km.

4. Distance between Lagos and Kaduna.   A)mm        B)tonne     C)km        D)cl.

5. Your weight       A)kg B)km C)cl   D)mm.

6. The amount of water in a glass cup      A)cl B)kg  C)m  D)dm.

7. The time it takes a sport man to run 100m    A)min      B)km C)kg  D)cl.

From the options below fill in the appropriate units for measuring units for mass and .capacity.

8. The weight of a newborn baby. A)kg      B)g  .... View More

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