Simple Equation.

Mathematics for Jss1 2nd Term.

Theme: Algebraic Process

Week 10.

Simple Equation.

Performance Objectives:

Students should be able to

  1. Translate word sentences to mathematical equations.
  2. Use mathematical equations to represent word sentences.
  3. Solve simple equations and cross check answers


Example 1: A ruler cost Ꞥy ,a note book costꞤ2 more. Kelechi bought 9 packets of notebooks. They are Ꞥ450 altogether. Translate to mathematical terms the cost of a note book.

Note book =Ꞥy+2.

9 packets=9(y+2).

Example 2: When 6 is subtracted from a certain number the result is multiplied by 8.the final result is 32.

Let the number be x.



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