Inter Communal Relationship I

Civic Education S.S.S 2 Third Term


 Inter Communal Relationship I

Performance Objectives

Student should be able to:

1. Explain the meaning of inter-communal relationships

2. State the importance of inter-communal relationships


1. Meaning of inter-communal relationships

2. Importance of inter-communal relationships e.g promote development enhances security and development

Meaning of Inter Communal Relationships

Inter-communal relationship is a relationship which exists between two or more communities.

One of the main objectives of any good government is to bring government close to the citizens and provide a forum where local people can defend and develop their local interests. Thereby they can contribute to the peaceful and harmonious development of the society. At the same time, a good government must respect ethnic identities and interests of all citizens, A good inter-communal relationship will work to promote peace and.... View More

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