Responsible Parenthood II

Civic Education SSS 2 Third Term

WEEK 2 & 3

Responsible Parenthood II

Performance Objectives

Student should be able to:

1. Explain the importance of responsible parenthood in national development.

2. List how crime can be reduced in the society.


1. Importance of responsible parenthood e.g responsible citizens, reduction of crime rates, healthy nation etc.

Importance of Responsible Parenthood

 1. Education.

Our first education comes from our parents. They teach us basic things like tying shoelaces and counting, and also complement the education that we get at school when we are learning to read and write. Good parenting means not only teaching children facts and skills but also providing a supportive environment for children’s independent learning.

2. Morality.

Our parents should teach us right from wrong from the very beginning, and what they teach.... View More

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