Interpersonal Relations II

Civic Education S.S.S 2 Third Term


Interpersonal Relations II

Performance Objectives

Student should be able to:

State the basic skills that promote interpersonal relations.


Skills that promote interpersonal relations e.g honesty, integrity, tolerance, caring, patience etc.

Skills that Promote Interpersonal Relations

Some positive skills that can help build and grow long-lasting interpersonal relationship are:

1. Tolerance

People should tolerate their partners for such a relationship to last long.

2. Kindness/ charity

This is one essential skill to promote interpersonal relationship. This means that both partners must always be there for each other, at the point of need.

3. Patience/ Endurance

Both partners (people) in any kind of interpersonal relationship are supposed to patiently treat and endure for.... View More

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