Inter Communal Relationship II

Civic Education S.S.S 2 Third Term


Inter Communal Relationship II

Performance Objectives

Student should be able to:

Enumerate and explain the skills for resolving inter-communal conflicts


Skills for resolving inter-communal conflicts e.g. dialogue, meditation

Skills for Resolving Inter Communal Conflicts

1. The law court

Inter-communal conflicts can be resolved through the law court by using legal method. Any community that felt cheated can present her case in court.

2. Community leaders

Communal conflicts can be resolved by the leaders of the various communities like obas, obis, emirs, chiefs, etc.

3. Dialogue

The opposing communities can meet to map out how to resolve differences or disputes between them.

4 Mediation

Government can set up a special panel to mediate between communities in.... View More

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