Cultism (continued)

Civic Education SS1 Third Term

Week 2

Cultism (continued)

Performance objectives

The student should be able to:

1. Origin of cultism

2. Formation of cultism


Origin of cultism

Secret cults in Nigeria’s higher institution started as fraternities with the sole aim of maintaining law and order in the campuses. The cult was in existence to address acts of injustice, victimization and other issues capable of disturbing the peaceful atmosphere of the institutions. In 1952, the pirates’ confraternity (also known as seadogs) was formed at the University of Ibadan as a student protest group against the coat and attitude of sigma. The group also acted as a corrective organ of the student’s union dominating the university scene for twenty-five years before the emergence of the buccaneer's confraternity also known as sea lords in 1972, then the “Eiye” fraternity, another group.... View More

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